By: thekorzens

Feb 25 2016

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Category: BEYOND, New Zealand, Taiaroa Head

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

At the entrance to Dunedin harbour from the South Pacific Ocean, stands a picturesque lighthouse in a post-card perfect setting surrounded by a nature reserve that is part of the albatross colony .

But underneath the peace of the nature reserve lie the tunnels of Fort Taiaroa, established over 100 years ago to counter the threat of invasion from Tsarist Russia. Within the fort is the famous Armstrong Disappearing Gun mounted on a hydro-pneumatic carriage, which represented the latest in technology in 1886. Sited atop Taiaroa Head in an underground circular gun pit, it was aimed while below ground, then raised, fired and returned back into the pit by the recoil for reloading.

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