Where there’s smoke…

By: thekorzens

Jul 19 2017

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Category: Hadera, ISRAEL

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Looking very reminiscent of smoke spewing chimneys of the past that polluted the air and the lungs of those living nearby, Israel’s Hadera Desalination Plant is one of the technological marvels that began a revolution that has turned Israel into the Desalination Nation.

Operating by means of reverse osmosis, the facility supplies approximately 127 million cubic meters of high quality water each year. Which, in conjunction with the other desalinating plants, supplies Israel with 60% of its potable water.

The company that developed this technology and built these plants now has 400 plants in 40 countries and provides 3 million cubic meters of potable water around the world daily.

Oh…the smoke isn’t smoke…it’s water vapor that quickly evaporates leaving the environment no worse for wear.

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