Atachlit Beta Israel Village

By: thekorzens

Oct 31 2019

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Category: ISRAEL, Kiryat Gat

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Since the Ethiopian Jews arrived in Israel, the community has been exposed to a western culture entirely different from that which they once knew. Integrating into Israeli life while retaining their cultural heritage has always been a struggle. Located in Kiryat Gat, the Atachlit Beta Israel Village serves as a heritage centre for the preservation and endowment of Ethiopian Jewish culture.

The elders of the village, once farmers and community leaders in Ethiopia, have had difficulty finding their place in Israel’s modern urban society.

The farm offers them a new sense of purpose and belonging and their knowledge is once again in demand, providing them with a source of income and cultural enrichment.

Picking peppers, this gentleman asked if I would like to taste one. I asked if they were very hot and he just smiled. I passed.


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